Near Death Experiences

The concept of Near Death Experiences (the out-of-body experiences some people have after their heart stops beating) have long been fascinating, and give rise to many questions.  There are countless stories of the things people see, hear and witness during the time when their bodies are considered clinically dead – in fact, a poll has shown that 774 events like this happen every day, and a staggering 5% of the American population has reported an NDE.  While each experience is different, there are some common themes among them – many people report seeing loved ones who have passed, others say they saw their lives played out before them, some remember going through a tunnel or seeing a bright light.  What is most important, though, is the spiritual impact of these experiences.  Dan Corner explores this concept here, providing interesting information on this fascinating phenomenon.

Dan Corner, Director of Evangelical Outreach


Dan Corner is an evangelical holiness preacher and servant of God,
who has studied the Bible and various other teachings for over
three decades. His pastoral experiences and evangelical outreaches
to the general public have enabled him to share unique Biblical
insights to bless and help the saints stay on the road to life,
enduring to the end in the way of holiness, as well as help sinners
come to repentance and salvation

Dan Corner, Evangelical Holiness Preacher