“Please Help Me,” Says A Backslider

(BIBLE QUESTION) Please help me. I believed in Jesus 11 years ago and there was a time that really experienced God love and grace and enjoyed His presence so very much. Year after year I go worse and more worse. I did every evil thing that I could do. My marriage was bad but became worse with my adultery, lies, etc. Both my wife and I were serious hypocrites and after all of that I divorced my wife and almost married another women. Two and a half years later God severely convicted me and I broke off the relationships, sought forgiveness from family, friends, ex-wife, kids, Pastors and divorce attorney. I have cried and begged God so much to forgive me. I do not know how I became so evil after knowing the Truth of God. All I beg for is another chance from God. My heart is so very hurt. Even my two sons (12 and 14) try comforting me. On several occasions I asked my ex-wife to forgive me. Oh that God would have mercy on me. …Is there someone that can just point me the way to go to get right with God and obtain salvation? I ruined my testimony at work, home, neighborhood, etc. I even confessed to people at work that my divorce and evil behavior was not of God.

(BIBLE ANSWER) Greetings in Jesus’ name. There is forgiveness for people who stray as you have. It is shown in various Biblical passages and explicitly stated in these two of our text teachings on the backslider ( http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/backslider.htm ) and the Prodigal Son. ( http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/prodigal.htm ) We have been contacted by many others who have strayed into wickedness and thought they could never return to salvation again. Many wrongly thought they committed the unforgivable sin. It appears that your sins have been such a wound to your conscience that you are having great difficulty believing that the forgiveness Scriptures could pertain to you. Please know you are beating yourself up in vain and as the enemy of your soul (the devil) would like! The Bible shows in numerous places that one can be forgiven for his wickedness upon sincere repentance. If what you have written is true, then what you are hoping for has occurred. You must stick to the Bible for truth. If the Bible says the Prodigal Son got forgiven for his wild living which included being with prostitutes, upon his repentance, why do you think you are different? STOP ALLOWING THE DEVIL TO TORTURE YOUR MIND! Memorize James 5:19,20 and read Luke 15:11-32 at least ten times carefully.

NOTE: After Peter lost his salvation by disowning Jesus and came back, he was later used by God in various big ways. The same can happen with you. GOD BLESS YOU.

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