Meaning of Evangelical

Are you a true Biblical evangelical? If you are, you agree with the one and only Biblical gospel. If not, you are not an evangelical. Furthermore, you would also not even be a true Christian! The true gospel, which centers around the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:1-4), is basic, but it is so important that all Christians are commanded to protect and spread it to others. The result of preaching the one and only gospel is salvation for the ones who receive it. An evangelical, therefore, believes and carries the message of salvation (the gospel) to others to help them find eternal life, which is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Holiness preacher and teacher Dan Corner uses the Bible to explain the meaning and responsibility of evangelicals. Learn more about the Christian life, the importance of preaching a true gospel and the seriousness of preaching a false gospel message at Evangelical Outreach.

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