Who Raised Jesus From The Grave

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again, but who raised him from the grave? The answer has important theological ramifications. Scripture shows God raised Jesus. Then elsewhere we specifically read that it was the Father who raised Jesus. Yet in another Scripture we learn that Jesus raised himself and finally, the Holy Spirit raised Jesus! Here are the references for you to verify:

  • Jesus was resurrected by God (Acts 2:24; 2:32; 3:15; 3:36; etc.)
  • Jesus was resurrected by the Father (Gal. 1:1; Rom. 6:4)
  • Jesus was resurrected by Jesus (John 2:19)
  • Jesus was resurrected by the Holy Spirit (1 Peter. 3:18)
  • Corporately, that is proof for the doctrine of the Trinity since all of those verses are true. Without a belief in the tri-unity of God those passages would teach a serious contradiction in Scripture, which is impossible. All three members of the Godhead were involved in raising Jesus. It was, therefore, impossible for the Lord Jesus not to be raised from the grave. Do you know him? (1 John 2:3,4)

    [Dan Corner believes Jesus is NOT the Father or the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Son, a separate person from both the Father and Holy Spirit.]

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