Holiness Preaching

Most religious people don’t realize what holiness preaching is. With so many spiritual deceptions present in the world, it is sometimes difficult to separate the true believers from those who are workers of iniquity and ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing. The semantic trickery used by many preachers and teachers enables them to easily mislead others in regards to their own flawed message regarding salvation, grace, sin, holiness, etc. The ones who do this make dangerous allowances for sin, but still want to be identified as teaching holiness! True holiness preaching is based on the Bible, which declares a consistent holiness message. Those who claim to be holiness preachers, citing any theology over a conditional security for the believer, are not genuine.

Dan Corner is a true holiness preacher who relies on the Bible as the final authority for his teaching (2 Tim. 3:16,17). His teachings are easily available for those who want Bible truth about what is right and wrong. To read Dan Corner’s teachings, go to Evangelical Outreach.