CHUCK MISSLER EXPOSED Eternal Security Conscience Seared Liars

Powerful and shocking expose of Chuck Missler, a very popular teacher of our dark day. Check the web site for much more info refuting the false gospel and counterfeit grace message of eternal security.

Eternal Security

The concept of eternal security (or salvation in wickedness), like many other doctrines of demons, has been argued about for centuries upon centuries by scores of people. Sometimes a look into the history surrounding it, how it has evolved, and the Biblical passages used to support or disclaim it, are necessary. In order for the average person to begin on a quest to understand the fallacy of eternal security versus conditional security of the believer in Christ, it is best to find someone who possesses knowledge and experience on this. Dan Corner looks into the idea of eternal security by examining Biblical passages one by one to understand and explain various interpretations and arguments.