Does My Deliberate Sin Exclude Me From Grace?

Email received by Evangelical Outreach:

Dear Sirs, I am one who became angry with God and deliberately turned away from him for a long time. Recently, I have experienced, quite unexpectedly, conviction and a desire to return to the Lord. I have repented, but I have some lingering doubts about whether the Lord Jesus has actually forgiven me. Does my period of rebellion exclude me from the possibility of grace through faith in the atoning work of Christ? I will not minimize the extent of my anger; I hated God. Now, I do believe that He has forgiven me and that Jesus, His son, has saved me. I love the Lord Jesus Christ now, and I want to be freed from all sin. Please share your thoughts. I know you are uncompromising in the truth.

[Response: Greetings in Jesus’ name. The ONLY way one who turns from God cannot return is to commit eternal sin, which is what is referred to in Hebrews 6:4-6. Eternal sin is saying/believing that Jesus performed his miracles by the power of the devil. Jesus taught all forms of blasphemy can be forgiven, even hating God, but the eternal sin can’t be forgiven. Please see Mark 3:29,30. The prodigal returned to God and the Father RAN to welcome him back and then had a FEAST in celebration (Luke 15). Also, if one turns away from the truth and commits a multitude of sins and then is brought back, he can be forgiven too (James 5:19,20). Also, please remember the loooooooooooong list of horrible sins that king Manasseh committed and he still found forgiveness (2 Chronicles 33:1-20) ….]